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How to Fix Clip-in Hair Extensions Easily

Before you start fixing in your clip-in extensions, you’ll need to get these five things together.

  1. Your clip-in hair extensions
  2. A brush
  3. Holding hairspray
  4. A fine-toothed comb
  5. Hair clip

1 – Determine where to fix hair. Now, first determine the areas that need the hair extensions. It could be where you have the most thin/damaged hair, or where you desire volume, which will depend on the hair that order hairs, do you intend to wear. For areas near your face, use the 1″ clip-in extensions, and for larger wefts of hair, it’s good to begin at the back, like halfway up the head.It’s good to consider the part that has the most damaged hair first.

2 – Split the section of hair. Starting halfway up your head, draw a straight line. This line must be the same length as the extension strip you intend to use.Now that your hair is split or parted in two sections, pack and pin the top half with a hair clip so it’s out of the way when fixing your hair extension.Part out a thin strip of hair parallel to the straight line and tease this at the roots with your fine-toothed comb.

3 – Create a firm anchor In order to form a strong anchor for the clip-ins, you’ll need to back-comb the hair at the points where the clips on the hair weft will be inserted onto your head. You need the fine-toothed comb for this.Back-comb your hair (about an inch from the roots) on both the top and bottom sides in the exact position of the hair extension clips.Roughing up by back-combing gives the hair extension clips something firm to hold on to.It’s important that you don’t have too much back-combed hair to fix the extensions, because they may fall out.You must now spray the back-combed portions (exact position of the hair weft clips) with the holding hairspray.

4 – Fixing the hair clip-ins You should open up the clips on the hair weft. Do this by firmly pressing the centre of the hair clip. You will notice some fine teeth which you must fix into the back-combed area. Ensure you set the teeth against your scalp at the root of the back-combed areas and then dig in the clip’s teeth firmly. You should feel it if it’s securely fixed. Now all you need to do is click back the extension clip into place by pressing down (use both thumbs) on either end.