Canada Home At The London Olympics, Two Digital Installations

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Foot, Richard. 2014. La Maison Des Canadiens. The Canadian Encyclopedia -des-canadiens/ (accessed February 16, 2016).

What remained on Canadian soil was a big population of French speaking Canadians who didn’t need to or were unable to go away Canada. There have been the truth is extra French speaking Canadians than there were English speaking ones and these French Canadians had absolutely no desire to let go off their traditional language. Which of course made implementing English as the official language of Canada only a wee smidge troublesome.

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57.157 At Canada Home, London, 2015

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One factor was crystal clear from the very beginning, Adrian was adroit at the art of training the young. How magnificently he conjured up visions of ballerinas dancing en pointe, sylph like across the stage or drunken sailors stumbling about city on twenty 4 hour shore leave. One especially memorable lesson had him leaping within the air like a true Cossack peasant dancer, placing his calves in a rhythmic percussion which he then promptly mimicked with bow and string to the delight of us all.

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