Our Coupon Use Insurance policies

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Coupon shoppingSign up for a myWaitrose loyalty card (hit ‘Be a part of myWaitrose’ after clicking through) and get a ‘free’ common-sized tea or espresso in retailer day-after-day from the self-serve machine, if you make a purchase and use a reusable cup. Some purchases are excluded, eg, 5p bags (see ‘more data’ under for full record), however a 10p banana should do it if all you’re really after is a MoneySaving brew.

Whereas there are a ton of apps for mall-sort retailers, it’s trickier to find apps that work nicely for grocery shops – most grocery retailer coupons are product-specific, while retailer coupons usually apply to your entire buy. That’s the place Coupon Sherpa has an edge over the competitors, as it searches for and stores product-particular coupons, as well as these for total shops and online retailers, providing you the most effective of both worlds.

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Smoking and Skin Problems – How to Stop Smoking From Causing Skin Problems

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Are you smoking and skin problems are something you are experiencing? You are not alone. Many people who have smoked for any period of time begin to see skin problems. But there is a solution to help stop the problems that smoking causes to your skin.

Smoking makes people age before their time and look and feel older than they really are. The main reason behind this is because smoking causes wrinkling of the skin. This happens because the nicotine in cigarettes causes your blood vessels to constrict. This leads to a weak supply of blood reaching the outer layer of skin. And, voila, you have wrinkles before your time.

The only true way to stop the damage smoking does to your skin and prevent premature wrinkling is to quit smoking. You can try creams and lotions but they do not take care of the root cause of the problem. … Read More