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Factors to Consider when Buying an Axe It does not matter whether you want to chop, kindle or split firewood, all that counts is that you need the right axe for the right task. You axe should serve the purpose which you want to do with it and match with its worth. The first consideration is whether you need the axe to chop or to split wood. There are varieties of sizes for accomplishing various chopping and splitting task fast and safe. To split a log of wood, you have to stand the log vertically and cut it with just a single downward stroke. Hence, the most suitable axe is the one which easily penetrates deeper in the and dispersing it more efficiently.
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To chop a log of wood, means that you have to cut logs horizontally with many down strokes of an axe. Hence, a suitable axe, should be in a position to cut wood fibers and not just splitting them apart. The blades of the axe should allow greater blade penetration on very swing. With such a blade, it will be easier for you to chop several logs in a couple of minutes.
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The other consideration which you have to make is that, you should have the task at hand right so that you can match it with the axe which you want to buy. In case you want to use it to split small logs you should go for a sizeable one which will make a great bet. In other words, it should be convenient to use in both medium and small logs. You also need to consider an aspect of comfort because you will need a portable axe for your camping and backpacking trips. The most suitable axe for felling down trees is the one which has low-friction blade because it cannot easily get stuck in the wood. An axe with low-friction blade will be very suitable for felling trees since it cannot easily get stuck in the wood. You also need to consider the quality and the safety of the axe, regardless of the task which you could be having at hand. The seller should also offer you with a warranty besides selling an axe which has a protective sheath so as to keep the blade safe when it is not in use. Do not go for the axes with very thick handles thinking that heftiness depicts strength; a good grip should be light but very strong. It should also be in a position to absorb shock so as to prevent overstrike breakage. This may look obvious and very easy to do, but purchase of the right axe requires you to be very thorough with your research so as to avoid unwanted inconveniences later.