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Guide to Purchasing a Lull Mattress

Anyone in the market for a new mattress should seriously consider purchasing from an online retailer. Not only can consumers have their new mattress delivered right to their home, but online mattress retailers often offer a lengthy in-home trial period, in which an individual can sleep on the mattress for a predetermined period, typically 30 to 100 nights, before deciding if they will keep the mattress or return it for a refund. The Lull Mattress is a relatively new mattress retailer who is garnering attention from those in the market for a memory foam mattress.

Lull Mattress Features

The Lull Mattress is an all foam mattress that is offered at a value price to customers online. The Lull has a unique three-layer design to provide support and comfort all night long. Most foam mattress sleepers complain that their mattresses sleep too hot during the night. The Lull Mattress boasts a gel-infused memory foam top layer that provided enhanced airflow to help draw the sleepers’ body temperature away from their bodies. The mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty to protect purchasers in the event of any flaw that is not from normal wear and tear.

Who do Lull Mattresses Work Best For?

The Lull offers three foam layers to provide good pressure support regardless of sleeping position. There is only one firmness option to choose from, which has been designed to give comfort to all sleepers. The Lull is particularly comfortable for light to medium weight sleepers who prefer a back sleeping position. Those who sleep with a partner may be particularly interested in the Lull since the top two layers work together to dispel any movement made during the night.

Closing Remarks

Check out this page for more information about the Lull Mattress or to read reviews from past customers. Those interested in trying out a Lull Mattress can purchase a mattress to try out in their home for up to 100 nights. Lull offers customers a zero-risk guarantee to customers, which is a rarity in the industry. Most retailers provide a trial period, but consumers are left paying at least a portion of a return fee. With Lull, the customer receives a full refund without any return or restocking fees.