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How To Have Stylish Window Shades Without Spending Much Classy and stylish homes is possible with Roman shades. They are good window ornaments that adds up color and life to the place. But most of these classy and stylish window shades are expensive. But for those who does not want to spend or do not have money to buy, there is still a solution to get these stylish and classy look. Buy at a lower price and work your magic What you should do is to find for discounted Roman window shades at a near local store and work your magic into making it an attractive and stylish one.
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There are a lot of materials and styles in which these window shades are made today. Those that are the most typical is like a flat panel with soft folds that could be raised up. Other styles are overlapping folds that look very stylish when raised up or lowered.
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So how to make this cheap Roman shades of yours into an interesting masterpiece in your homes? Well, you can choose to design them yourself by decorating fabric, ribbon, laces, fringes and other materials that can make your window shades different. Designing Interior designers and experts suggest that if you want to pursue this idea, you should go buy a plain colored Roman shade that comes with the color of the room where you would be placing it. Decide first on how fancy or stylish you want your Roman window shades to be. If you want to give a stylish and feminine touch, you should choose materials such as beads, laces and colors that you pleases. But if you desire for a look like a country style, use less of these accessories for your Roman window shades. Leftover Fabrics With the use of leftover fabrics, it would be a great way to decorate your Roman window shades. Use a color or type of fabric that you could still use to style the window shades. Use stencils and paints instead of leftover fabrics when you also wish to. You can pattern it with the sense of “personal touch”. But if you can not do it on your own, better ask someone to design it for you. Ribbons If all else fails, Ribbons are one to be considered. Though it may be too way simpler, it also gives style and effect to your window shades. You can actually spend less when desiring for a stylish and classy look. To achieve your classy and stylish style of window shades, you just have to be artistic and resourceful.