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Why Install Basement Window Wells The purpose of window wells is to allow more light to enter your basement, and to keep soil and water away from the window. These small structures called window wells are positioned outside your basement windows are ground level. The depth of window wells are a few feet or around a meter deep and it helps to drain water by filling it up with a small layer of gravel. These structures are very practical and at the same time they also look good in your home. With a window well, your home can be very comfortable with a great amount of natural light coming into your lower windows or your basement windows. Safety is one aspect to consider if you are remodeling your house. Checking the safety of your home is equally important as making sure that every aspect of your remodeling is well planned. Safety is one of the main reasons for installing a basement window well. In an emergency, residents of the home can leave in safety through the basement window. Or, an emergency crew can enter the basement. Window well covers come in the different types and here are some of them.
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The mesh cover window well has an expanded metal top. Debris can be kept out through this and your children and pets will not be in danger of falling into it. Vinyl coating your mesh cover will give it extra durability against the elements.
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The classic cover is very strong and durable. It also enhances the beauty of your home and complements your landscape. The polycarbonate cover is ideal for keeping out debris, rain, and snow. It can be built with vertical backings to cover windows that rise above the window wells. So to enjoy the comfort and safety of your home, it is good install basement window wells today. If you decide to install the window well yourself instead of hiring a professional then there are some things that you need to know. First is that small scale window well installation does not require any special permission from municipal authorities. But, if your project is large scale, you need to comply with relevant building codes. Check your window well for water accumulation. Gravel is placed there so that drainage is improved, but if you install your window well poorly or bad grade, then it can product the opposite effect. You can always hire a professional to install your window wells if you find out that doing it yourself will take up a lot of time and effort that you don’t have.