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How to Take Care of your Retractable Awnings Retractable Awnings have over time steadily gained popularity among homeowners for their durability and convenience. By the push of a button, and you can enjoy the shade or the sun. Retractable awnings have a variety of uses depending on how you choose to use them. You are guaranteed of a shade from the hot sun and a cozy shelter when there is a drizzle. These units is waterproof, and hence no water is capable of penetrating through them. To create adequate shelter, you can also change the slope of the awning to accommodate the rain and prevent its run-off. Another fantastic feature of awnings is that they are easily converted to outdoor rooms. The awnings are transformed into rooms by enclosing the front and the sides by using the zipped fabric screens. By now, you can agree that there is a lot more to the awnings than you expected and hence the need to ensure that they well maintained. Here are tips on how you can go about the care and maintenance of retractable awnings.
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Check on the Functioning of your awning It does not matter if your awning is manually or automatically operated; ensure that you regularly check its functionality. To ensure that the awning is functioning properly, you have to periodically extend the covering during the off-seasons to prevent blending of the hardware. Blending makes it difficult to open the cover.
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Ensure that the Joints are in position Joints are part of the functionality check. You should check to ensure that the poles do not have any kinks. As a maintenance practice on the joints, ensure that you lubricate all the squeaky ones and repair any bends on the poles. Clear any Rust and Mold that has settled on your awning Accumulated rust on the joints and screws results from moisture buildup. To clear the rust, ensure that you periodically add a lubricant to these areas. It is good also to ensure that you have controlled the occurrence of mold as it can eat away the material of your awning. To control its spread, treat the awning fabric with anti-molding agents. Maintain a regular Dusting and Cleaning Routine The best way to maintain your shade is by ensuring that you dust it often. Sweeping off the dust should be done at least once in a month whether it is in use or not. Regular dusting prevents dust settling on the hardware which can cause rusting and also mold buildup on the fabric. Clean the pulley system thoroughly by using a can of compressed air. Your home value can be increased by owning a retractable awning. Great care and maintenance of these shades should be your priority so as to achieve the best from them. Always ensure that you practice occasional maintenance on your awning to add life.