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Dealing with the Cancer Menace With multiple cancer cases being revealed every year, it is evident that the killer disease keeps tightening its grip worldwide. The informal care-giving for your family member or friend will ensure that they stay longer and feel much more comfortable and loved as well. You as a caregiver is required to be there at all times at least at the disposal of the person that you are entrusted to take care of. Identification of these needs will go a long way in assisting you to know how to take care of the patient. It kills more people than any other disease worldwide. Under normal circumstances, the body controls this reproduction and determines the cell division as well as stopping them when the body does not need them. There are over 100 cancers that can hit a human body but we’ll only major on the most prevalent ones. Among the most common types of cancers are; bone, brain, breast, bowel, lung, prostrate as well as skin cancer. Those affecting the lymphatic and immune system are referred to as lymphomas and myelomas. In this we will major on the types of cancer treatment for different types of cancers. In creating the treatment plan, it is important to put into account the type of cancer as well as its location. This is because the surgeon may be able to remove all of it but this does not dispute the fact that it could have spread to another organ. Again, the type of cancer treatment that you will receive will depend on the extent to which the cancer has grown.
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Apart from surgery, we can also use radiation therapy to eradicate cancer from the body. If a cancer has not spread far much from when it started, radiation can be used with or without treatments such as surgery. It is much more like getting a diagnostic x-ray but with deeper details.
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Most of us call it chemo but the rightful word is chemotherapy which is by so many ways the most used worldwide. Chemo reaches all body parts and for this reason can be very effective in treating cancers with unknown primary. For cancers that may appear to have been completely removed by surgery and radiation, chemo can be very effective to remove cancer traces in the body. Some cancers occur in regard to the sex hormones in the body and may require hormone therapy for treatment. The treatment has been very useful in the case of prostate and breast cancers.