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What Are the Qualities of a Good Sod and Where to Buy One

Have you ever wondered if the grass you see on a football field is real? Although there are artificial turfs, using natural turf or also called, sod, is better and more comfortable. Still, you will ask how the natural grass grew on the football field, right? Basically, sods are grass planted by professional sod growers who uses advance technology. In fact, only a skilled person with green hands can grow a sod perfectly. On the other hand, sod production is not your major concern right now. What matters is how you can get the best quality of sod that you would want to have in your lawn or for the purpose of your landscaping.

Buying sods is still the same principle when you want to buy your desired clothes for a special event. That is why the name of the company is always a huge factor when buying sods. Once you find a company that has been operating for years on sod production, then that company is good choice. Their experiences make them a reliable supplier and credible because they have already established their business. To find these companies, you may opt to use the internet and search for sod suppliers. The location of the company is a factor to consider but the quality of their work is the top most factor to consider. Therefore, you need to check the feedback coming from the customers of these companies to know whether they are satisfied or not. You may even ask help from your friends and family a recommendation for the best supplier of sods if they know of one.

The next factor to consider in looking for a sod is the type of grass you want to have. There are different classifications for a sod and few of these are Bermuda grass, Bahia and Zoysia. There are variety to the sods since these grasses are seasonal to produce so you need to know their season before you install the sods. You must also consider when to install the sods because this might dry up if planted on the wrong season. The supplier of sods is the best source for your queries when it comes to sods. So, make sure that the company you choose doesn’t only provide you with the sods but also to give you basic advice in maintaining them. Another factor is the cost of the sod especially in terms of the size and length of it. You can always discuss this with the supplier although there is still a standard price for every square foot of these sods as well as based on the type of grass you choose.

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