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Examples of Aircon Systems An air conditioning system refers to an artificial mechanism that is used to alter the atmospheric conditions within an interior space so as to help create more desirable conditions. A/C or aircon is the other name used to refer to an air conditioning system. They function by replacing the hot and stale air present in a space with cold and clean air. Due to the above, comfort in these internal environments is achieved. Up to date, only A/C systems that are either manually or automatically operated have been developed. Despite this, either of the two can be operated or altered so as to create a very lively interior atmosphere. Currently, global warming has been on the rise and has become a very big menace that has called for the development of many types of aircon systems so as to be able to satisfy the special needs of each and every customer. Aircon systems are differentiated into two distinct types. These are the split or ductless mechanisms. The split air conditioner contains an evaporator and cooling fan. It is usually made of two sides with one being lodged inside a building while the other is left exposed to the exterior of the building. A common characteristic in split A/C systems is that they contain a compressor, expansion valve and condenser. With split air conditioning, there is no need of making an incision on the wall. Windows also happen to offer air conditioning solutions to residents of a building. Windows are always elevated so as to allow hot and stuffy air to escape out of a room. This is a very natural way of purifying the air in a room as air flow is controlled by the natural wind. From time to time, a window might be fitted with a sill which helps to eject heat from an interior confinement leaving such a space cool.
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Also, portable air conditioning systems exist. It is usually placed on the floor of a room where when powered, it discharges hot air through its exhaust pipe that has been installed on the wall to an exterior space. In so doing, a room is left cool and fresh.
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Finally, there is a central air conditioning system. It is a system that is commonly found and used in large halls. Fitted with a powerful compressor and fan, it is able to suck hot air out of such an establishment in an instant. Therefore, air conditioning systems are critical to modern living. Also, they can be used in all manner of buildings. Air conditioners have helped people attain comfort during these treacherous times where temperatures and humidity levels rise and fall unpredictably. In conclusion, AC systems are important components in our lives today since the dynamic fluctuations in world climate have caused excessive strain to our ecosystems leading to severe high and low temperatures.